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American Sex Fantasies Include Sex On A Plane, Cab, Balconies: Survey

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Most Americans aren't as daring as their fantasies, reveal the results of a survey by condom brand Durex, but "sexploration" is thriving, most notibly in transport.

In celebration of National Orgasm Day, which took place Thursday in the U.S., Durex released the results of a survey on Americans' fantasy-versus-reality orgasm experiences, involving 1,000 participants over age 21.

Cliché sex fantasies involving beaches and movie theaters abound, although notable was that while only 23 per cent of participants fantasized about having an orgasm in a car, 36 per cent said they'd found themselves in that situation.

The library was the setting of orgasm fantasies for 15 per cent of participants, although "sex in the stacks," as it is referred to by college students, has become a legend in campus culture.

Putting the airplane cliché to rest, 30 per cent of respondents said they fantasized about having an orgasm in a plane, yet only five per cent admitted to being members of the Mile High Club.

Other locales revealed to be highly idealized by thrill seekers include clothing store fitting rooms, where 22 per cent of participants admitted to fantasizing about having an orgasm, while 28 per cent said they would prefer it in the office and 20 percent fantasized about having sex on a roof or balcony.

However, only five per cent of participants could boast of having realized their roof or balcony fantasies.

Other notable results included the back of a cab, where 16 percent fantasize about having an orgasm, while 10 percent fantasize about the subway and only two per cent have actually lived it.

Seven per cent fantasize about orgasms in church.

Eight per cent fantasize about orgasms in a cemetery, but only three per cent have realized the fantasy.

It is illegal to have sex in public areas in the US, although Durex executives created the survey to encourage partner communication, for 93 per cent of those surveyed said a trusted partner makes for more intense orgasms.

Survey respondents said they found the home a perfectly galvanizing place for "sexploration," with 54 per cent of respondents saying they enjoy sex in the shower and 35 per cent admitting to sex in the kitchen.

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