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22 Signs You Grew Up In Victoria, B.C. In The '90s

Scenic, friendly, and just small enough, Victoria, B.C. is a great place to live. But the City of Gardens is bigger than we remember, with new condos and subdivisions popping up everywhere and ferry prices that would have horrified our 10-year-old selves (well, if we were paying). Also, a lot of the cool stuff is gone. Remember when we had water slides, laser bowling, and the sight of bunnies everywhere? So do we.

And so, here are 22 signs that you grew up in our province's capital in the '90s.

  • Having to take the Queen of Saanich to Tsawwassen felt like a cruel punishment
    Wait.. there's no arcade?
  • Forbes and Marshall were on in your house every morning
    Facebook/Mel Z Photos
    And seeing them for the first time in person was always weird.
  • You had a ‘Daisy's Kids Club' Membership Card
    MS Society - SVIC/Flickr
    Remember Farmer Vicki?
  • Langford and Sooke were still considered the middle of nowhere
    Goldstream News Gazette/Facebook
    Look at Langford now! It looks like an amusement park.
  • You secretly wanted one of the hundreds of bunnies that hung out around Vic General and UVic
  • Driving on the Malahat was sometimes terrifying
    Tyler Forest-Hauser
    Okay, it still is.. but now the government has widened the road in some places, beefed up the median, and added reflective beacons.
  • You've seen at least one salmon being dissected at Goldstream Park
    And those fish, they stunk so bad.
  • You lived to cuddle the newborn goats at the Beacon Hill Petting Zoo
  • You loved bragging to your out-of-town friends that Nelly Furtado grew up here
    Girl's come so far!
  • The Cadborosaurus at Gyro Park looked SO big..
    ..until you went back as an adult
  • You sweated your way through many trips to the Crystal Gardens
    Emma Prestwich
    And your pictures always turned out like this.
  • Your biggest World War I education was being forced by your parents to see “Billy Bishop Goes To War” dinner theatre at the McPherson Playhouse
    Eric Peterson, 2010. ©Strada Films / Courtesy: Everett Collection
  • You remember when you had to pay more to travel in two zones
    CP PHOTO/Don Denton
  • Everyone loved to reminisce about the 'Blizzard of 96'
    Which for everyone else in Canada was just your average snowfall.
  • Driving around in those little cars at the Tom Thumb Safety Village made you feel like a grownup
    Emma Prestwich
  • You spent hours digging around for the perfect rock at the Scratch Patch
  • Those all-day ride wristbands at the Saanich Fall Fair were pricey, but you bought one anyway
    Emma Prestwich
  • You referred to Vancouver as 'The Mainland'
    Also, you didn't go there very often.
  • It was the Western Communities, not the West Shore
    Google Street View
    What is this madness?
  • 'Be a tourist in your own hometown' was pretty much the only time you waited in line for the double decker bus to take you to Miniature World
  • You spent way too long in line for the tube ride at All-Fun Waterslides
    Ron Kerstein
  • PlayZone. That is all
    It actually still exists, just in a different facility.

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