08/06/2014 07:20 EDT | Updated 08/07/2014 12:59 EDT

You Can Buy Your Dog A Customized Trailer For $800 (PHOTOS)

A Vancouver design firm has launched a new collection of luxury trailers — for your pet.

Straight Line Designs calls their pet trailers "dog houses on wheels." The small, customizable trailers are designed by Judson Beaumont and feature options such as indoor lighting and wireless speakers.

Prices start at $800 and go up depending on size, style, and material. The company uses environmentally friendly materials such as recyclable aluminum, plywood, and plastic laminate.

Inside the trailer, you (uh, we mean your dogs) have the option of different colours and finishes including carpet, tile, and hardwood. Each one also comes with a personalized licence plate.

The trailers are designed for animals under 20 lbs. and are not recommended for outdoor use. There are currently four designs, but the company says more are on the way.

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h/t Feel Desain