08/06/2014 07:06 EDT | Updated 10/06/2014 05:59 EDT

Susan Fennell, Brampton mayor, broke spending rules, audit says

Mayor Susan Fennell of Brampton, Ont., breached spending rules 265 times, a forensic audit has found.

The audit by Deloitte was released late Tuesday night after a four-month investigation.

It found more than $131,000 in expenses made by Fennell and her staff went against city rules.  

It also said another 79 expenses totalling more than $150,000 may have breached the rules.

Some of the expenses include non-economy flight passes, premium hotel rooms and credit card charges that were not for city business.

The report found no evidence of wrongdoing for a trip to Florida for a sister-city agreement.

It also cleared the mayor of using city staffers for organizing private fundraisers.

Fennell released a statement saying she accepts much of the report but not all of it.

“I have not read all of the report. I accept much of what it has to say, but not all of what it has to say,” Fennell said. 

"If there are changes that need to be made, I will make them.”