08/07/2014 11:45 EDT | Updated 08/07/2014 12:59 EDT

Cronut Creator Dominique Ansel's Pretzel 'Lobster Tail' Looks Like A Penis


Dominique Ansel, the face behind the cronut empire, has come up with a new stuffed soft pretzel that looks exactly like a penis. Well, to us anyway.

The Pretzel "Lobster Tail" is made with butternut crunch brittle and homemade peanut butter and is rolled into a lobster tail shape with bite-sized pieces, according to Eater. The $8 tail, which is available at Ansel's New York bakery as of August 9, is also served with a whipped honey brown butter.

But at first glance, yes, the lobster tail also looks like a penis. Several users on Twitter agree:

pretzel lobster tail

The cronut was one of the most successful novelty food items in recent memory (so popular that Canadians even got their own version of the croissant doughnut), but Ansel didn't stop there. He created a chocolate chip cookie shot glass for South by Southwest, and released a canned ice cream sundae last week.

The pretzel lobster tail, however, was introduced to the world on Good Morning America on Thursday. And phallic-shaped or not, it looks absolutely delicious!

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