08/08/2014 01:37 EDT | Updated 10/08/2014 05:59 EDT

Dead Cat Found Hanging Grotesquely At Vancouver School

VANCOUVER - Animal cruelty investigators in Vancouver want to hear from anyone who has information about what appears to be an appalling case of animal abuse.

A grey cat was found hanging by its collar from the rear doors of Nootka Elementary School in east Vancouver.

British Columbia SPCA animal protection officer Eileen Drever says the animal died of massive head injuries. It's not clear whether it had been hit by a car or suffered the injuries in some other way.

Regardless of whether the cat's death was deliberate or accidental, Drever is disturbed that someone strung the animal up, making it appear as though it was standing, and had placed a cigarette butt in its mouth. His left ear and mouth were also full of blood.

She says it is distressing that anyone would show such little respect for a deceased animal.

Investigators say the Russian Blue cat was about seven years old, had a tag with the name "Smokey" and appeared to be well cared for before its death.

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