08/08/2014 10:33 EDT

Lorde Parody Video Eviscerates Redford And Alberta PCs

Alberta has its own royals. They're called the Progressive Conservative Party.

That's the message in a video parody of the Lorde mega-hit "Royals" created by University of Calgary student Caitlyn Madlener.

Madlener, who told Sun News she's a "shit disturber", released the video to little fanfare on July 11. But in the wake of Alison Redford's resignation this week and a scathing report from the auditor general on her behaviour as premier, the video has taken off.

As for her next target, Madlener told Sun she wants to go federal for her next video. Stay tuned.

CORRECTION:An earlier version of this post stated that Madlener planned to go after the federal Tories in her next video. She actually said she wants to go federal with her next video.

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