08/08/2014 03:44 EDT | Updated 08/12/2014 09:59 EDT

17 Signs You're A Pakistani Who Grew Up In Canada

You love your Pakistani heritage and culture, and you're especially grateful that you got to grow up in a country like Canada. For the most part, it's been great.

But sometimes there are a few, just a few, things that get to you.

1. Your mom watches every single show on HUM TV

They’re all about poor families burdened with too many daughters.

2. You love your family, but phone calls from relatives in Pakistan can get really awkward.. so you usually hide

But your parents somehow track you down and hand you the phone.

The conversation usually goes from “How are you?” to “When are you getting married?” faster than Superman can fly.

3. There are no good Pakistani restaurants in Canada

Because no one beats your mom’s biryani.

4.Speaking of your mom, she’s probably yelling at you right now

5. And your dad is watching a Pakistani news channel with questionable news

6. Your parents have a Jadoo cable box at home

Basically, you never get the TV anymore.

7. You attend at least five weddings every summer, and they have at least five events each

You spend most of those events getting stared down by aunties.

8. But sometimes the weddings have mango ice cream

And it makes everything better. Because mangos are EVERYTHING.

9. Sometimes you feel nostalgic for Pakistan

Most of the time that happens during Canadian winters.

10. You're always craving naan

11. You've celebrated Pakistan's Independence Day by wearing green and white on Gerrard Street at least once

12. Some of your most horrifying childhood memories involve using this while on vacation in Pakistan

That's a toilet.

13. Atif Aslam songs were the only cure to your high school heartbreaks

14. Every once in a while your parents try to bargain in stores

15. You're either crazy about the Pakistani cricket team or you don’t give a crap

Unless they're playing against India, of course.

Because that would be like not supporting Canada against the U.S. in hockey.

16.Even though it breaks your heart sometimes, you have to support your countries

17. Basically, there’s nowhere you’d rather live but Canada

But you also wouldn’t trade your Pakistani heritage for anything.