08/10/2014 06:07 EDT | Updated 10/10/2014 05:59 EDT

Ebola test negative for Brampton, Ont., man hospitalized after Nigeria trip

The patient with flu-like symptoms who recently visited Nigeria and was put into isolation at an Ontario hospital has tested negative for the deadly Ebola virus.

Ontario's Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Eric Hoskins confirmed that the man, who recently travelled to Canada from West Africa, where the outbreak has prompted states of emergency, is now "doing well" and anticipated to have a "full and speedy recovery."

"I can now confirm a recent case that underwent testing at the National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg was found to test negative for Ebola virus disease," Hoskins said in a release, posted to the Ontario ministry's website.

The man had complained of fever, headache, muscle pain and malaise.

Brampton Civic Hospital had instituted heightened infection-control procedures after the patient was admitted.

Hoskins said health professionals responded appropriately and showed "our system worked as it should."

Nigeria is one of the countries affected by the largest and longest ever recorded Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which has killed at least 961 people since March, according to the World Health Organization.

Early signs and symptoms of Ebola are similar to many more common diseases, a release from the minitstry of health said, adding the risk of transmission of the virus is low in Ontario. 

"Given the current outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, it is expected that health care providers will consider Ebola as one of the diseases to rule out for persons who have recently travelled to one of the affected African countries, and who are presenting with symptoms seen in many more common diseases such as malaria or the flu. These symptoms could include fever, malaise, muscle pain and headache."