08/11/2014 11:19 EDT | Updated 08/11/2014 11:59 EDT

Beyonce Shuts Down Jay Z Divorce Rumours By Not Wearing Pants, Obviously

Want to shut down rumours of your alleged impending divorce? Just do what Beyonce did: don't wear pants. (Don't do this at work, kids.)

On the weekend, the "Flawless" singer celebrated the end of her and Jay'z "On the Run" tour by posting yet another sexy Instagram photo of herself. Wearing nothing but a sports jersey emblazoned with the number four and her married last name Carter on the back, the 32-year-old basically showed us naysayers that all is well with the world's most talked about couple.

Rumours of the couple's alleged split have been the talk of the tabloids and the Internets basically since that elevator incident but they really heated up after Bey changed some of the lyrics in one of her songs, inferring that her hubby may have been cheating on her.

With sources saying the couple didn't speak to each other during the tour and that Bey was looking for her own apartment, it's no wonder that Blue Ivy's momma is trying to squash all the chatter.

But, well, it seems that our queen still can't get enough of her hubby and the pantslessness proves it. (Right? Right??)

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