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Obesity Video, 'Rewind The Future,' Proves Childhood Habits Shape Us As Adults (VIDEO)

Obesity doesn't happen overnight. It's a lifetime of choices and bad habits -- many of which begin early on.

In the video above, posted on YouTube by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Strong4Life, a 300-pound, 32-year-old man is brought into the hospital after suffering a heart attack.

The doctor asks, "How the hell does that happen?" Watch, and see.

Research shows that obesity-related health issues often stem from unhealthy eating habits as children. According to Statistics Canada, nearly 30 per cent of adolescents are at an unhealthy weight. The majority of them will continue to gain weight into adulthood.

Currently, one in four Canadian adults suffer from obesity, reports the Canadian Obesity Network.

Watch the video above to see how a childhood sweet tooth (and grown-ups' enabling behaviours) can lead to a lifetime of over-indulgent, poor eating choices as an adult.

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