08/11/2014 02:20 EDT | Updated 08/11/2014 02:59 EDT

16 Reasons Why Fall Wedding Dresses Are The Best

We're still in the middle of summer wedding season, but with August halfway over, we're already looking towards fall.

While we do love summer weddings, we have to admit that autumn is the best season to get married, not only because brides don't have to deal with the raging heat but because, well, fall wedding dresses are kinda cooler than their summer counterparts.

Now, brides, don't get angry at us—every gown is gorgeous. All we're saying is that there are a few advantages to wearing a fall wedding dress, ok?

Check out the 16 reasons why fall wedding gowns are the best:

1. You have the perfect excuse to rock long sleeves à la Kate Middleton.

It can get chilly outside.

2. No sweat stains from the heat.

3. It actually makes sense to wear lace.

4. Capes: not just for "Lord of the Rings"-themed weddings

5. Faux fur shrugs!

6. Birdcage veils are way more chic in fall.

7. You can accessorize with a cool coat or jacket.

8. It's a good excuse to wear dark colours, which complement the rich tones of fall.

9. You can wear as many layers as you want without fear of passing out from the heat.

10. Red and orange look great next to white.

11. Heavy fabrics are your friend.

You're protected from the cold.

12. You're not expected to wear tulle.

Because not all brides want to look like princesses.

13. Heck, you're not expected to wear anything strapless.

Perfect for brides who are tired of the trend.

14. If you don't want to flaunt your figure, fall gives you a great excuse to cover up.

15. No pressure to wear anything sheer.

Because really, not everyone wants to flash their flesh on their wedding day.

16. But whatever you end up wearing, you will look gorgeous.

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