08/11/2014 09:07 EDT | Updated 08/11/2015 03:59 EDT

17 Times That Robin Williams Made Us Laugh Very, Very Hard (VIDEO)

Goodbye, Robin Williams.

And thanks so much for endless laughs you gave us at the movies and on television. In no particular order, here are 17 of his most brilliant performances.

"Aladdin" - Friend Like Me

"Aladdin" - Make Me A Prince

"American Idol" - The Russian idol

"The Birdcage" - Try more gum!

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" - French Siri

"Good Morning, Vietnam" - First broadcast

"Hook" - Peter vs. Rufio

"Jumanji" - Stuck in the floor

"Mork and Mindy" - Mork is a Broncos cheerleader

"Mrs. Doubtfire" - Back off!

"Mrs. Doubtfire" - Help is on the way, dear!

"Mrs. Doubtfire" - Hot flashes

"Nine Months" - It's my first delivery!

"Patch Adams" - The children's ward

"Popeye" - I'm Popeye the sailor man!

Stand-Up Comedy - Elmer Fudd sings Bruce Springsteen

"The 2000 Academy Awards" - Blame Canada