08/11/2014 10:57 EDT | Updated 10/11/2014 05:59 EDT

Sayfildin Tahir Sharif should be extradited: Alberta court

The Alberta Court of Appeal has ruled that an Edmonton man should be extradited to the United States to face terrorism and murder charges.

SayfildinTahir Sharif is accused of conspiracy to kill Americans and of supporting a terror group that took part in a 2009 suicide bombing in his native Iraq.

Five U.S. soldiers were killed when a truck filled with explosives was detonated at a military checkpoint.

Canada's justice minister granted extradition last summer, after receiving assurances from the U.S. that Sharif wouldn't face the death penalty. 

But Sharif appealed that, anda hearing was held in May, and the Appeal Court reserved its decision after four hours of arguments.

Sharif, a Canadian citizen, was arrested in January 2011 at an Edmonton apartment where he lived with his girlfriend and her children.