08/11/2014 10:22 EDT | Updated 10/11/2014 05:59 EDT

The Lion In Your Living Room documentary seeks cat stars

A documentary set to air on CBC is looking for adventurous and unusual pet cats to star in a film debunking myths about felines.

"They are the most popular pet in North America but though many of us live with them, we don’t really know them at all," reads the website for the film, which will air this winter. "And many of the things you thought you knew about your cat just aren’t true."

The Lion in Your Living Room will air on The Nature of Things.

Producers will track a season in the life of a domestic cat.

The documentary will follow kittens as they develop into cats, with a focus on what humans think they're doing and thinking compared to what they're actually doing and thinking.

"What we're looking for is cats who have a non-human friend — anything unusual," producer Josh Zuckerbrot told CBC.

Non-human friends can include birds, rodents or rabbits, he said.

Cats willing to be tracked by a GPS are also in demand, especially ones that "are adventurous, and their family wonders what they get up to."

The producers are also interested in cats with unusual behaviours.

Some of the cats already selected for the documentary follow their owners when they go for a walk, drink only water running from a tap, use a toilet or can perform tricks.

Producers invite cat owners to upload photos of their pets and explanations of their unusual behaviours on their site for a chance to appear in the film