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Photo Shoot Of Acid Attack Survivors Is Beautiful And Powerful

You've never seen a photo shoot quite like this.

Photographer Rahul Saharan's latest photo series is quickly going viral thanks to the subject of his groundbreaking shoot. Using acid attack survivors as models, Saharan shows the world that these women are beautiful too.

The women look happy and confident as they model gorgeous sarees and dresses with big smiles on their faces.

Saharan posted the pics to his Facebook page and wrote a touching description:

"In spite of taking professional models we took these [beautiful] girls as models [because] they define beauty,courage, postiveness, [SIC] there is so much to beauty and these girls are strong enough to show that these girls love to get photographed i mean they are jst crazy for it v happy to work for dem wid dem :)."

He continued:

"I dedicate this shoot to every women on earth..all of you are [beautiful] from skinny to healthy,dark to fair,tall to short,ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between so ladies live ur life stay happy no matter who say what you are beautiful believe in it have courage fight back if u stand many will follow you….Rise and shine."

One of the survivors in the shoot includes a budding fashion designed named Rupa, whose stepmother poured acid on her while she slept in her native village in Uttar Pradesh.

Today, Rupa is raising money to set up her own boutique so that she can be financially independent.

Currently there are no specific laws against acid attacks in India. Victims are usually women and face many expensive surgeries, not to mention trauma and abandonment as a result. In Pakistan, acid attacks are on the rise, with a total of 130 cases reported in 2012, 143 in 2013 and 137 so far in 2014.

Check out the powerful photos below:

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