'Dogs Of Toronto' Is Like 'Humans Of New York,' But Cuter (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Toronto is one-upping "Humans of New York" in its attempt to put a face to the city's people by turning instead to Hogtown's canine population.

"Dogs of Toronto" was launched on Facebook on Sunday. Its creator, known only as "Cedric," intends to posts photos of dogs every day.

There aren't many posts yet, but so far there are photos of a formerly abused dog that is now being trained as a service animal; a small, spaniel-like dog that is tougher than he looks; and a video showing a pair of friendly English Mastiffs.

Considering there are approximately 55,000 dogs in Toronto, according to the most recent numbers, Cedric has plenty of potential, adorable subject, and we can't wait to see them all.

Here are a few dogs that the account has featured so far.

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