08/12/2014 08:25 EDT | Updated 10/12/2014 05:59 EDT

Marc Emery to speak in Windsor, Ont., today after leaving U.S. prison

Marc Emery is set to return to Canada this afternoon, when the so-called Prince of Pot plans to make a public speech at Windsor City Hall Plaza in southwestern Ontario following his release from a U.S. prison.

Emery served a five-year sentence in the U.S. for selling marijuana seeds to American clients from his Vancouver-based company, Cannabis Culture. After his release Tuesday, he'll be flown from a facility in Louisiana to Detroit, and then cross the border to Windsor.

Emery, who has vowed to seek political revenge against the Conservative government for its role in his extradition, plans several speaking engagements, including one in Toronto, before returning to his home on the West Coast on Sunday.

His wife, Jodie Emery, said his schedule is packed.

"Marc will be getting right back to work at our Cannabis Culture store," she told CBC News.

"We’re also being sponsored to go speak in cities around the world about policy reforms."

A lot has changed since Emery was arrested nearly a decade ago.

In Canada, many police forces are less concerned with marijuana offences than they once were, while in some U.S. states, the drug has been legalized and become big business.