08/12/2014 01:25 EDT | Updated 08/12/2014 01:59 EDT

Mother Mother Take Us Behind The Scenes Of 'Get Out The Way' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

As cool, colourful and fauna-filled as the lyric video to Mother Mother's new single "Get Out The Way" was, it's got nothing on the official music video from the Vancouver indie rockers.

"Making this video was intense and fun. I got to spazz out with black paint on and smash stuff with a Louisville Slugger. Funny to call this a job. As for the plot, there's little to none," admits frontman Ryan Guldemond.

"Our objective was to make something abstract, sinister and sexy while evoking some sense of an emotional purging: ridding oneself of corrupt or unhealthy thoughts... Getting them out of the way, so to speak. We could all use a little or a lot of that."

The exclusive behind-the-scene video takes us onto the set of "Get Out The Way" to show us how the video was made and explain what it's all about. (Spoiler alert: Jasmin Parkin reveals, "it's a little bit of a fuck you to society.")

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