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Parti Quebecois to announce rules for leadership race on Sept. 27

QUEBEC - The rules for the next Parti Quebecois leadership race will be announced on Sept. 27 in Sherbrooke.

The Canadian Press has learned the party's 125 riding association presidents will meet that day to choose the method of voting and the date when a winner will be announced.

In the meantime, the PQ's national executive will come up with various scenarios for the delegates to the national council meeting to consider.

Two or three options are expected to be offered.

One option that has been pushed by one PQ member is to let people who are not members of the party vote for the new leader although that would require a change in the party bylaws.

There are no declared candidates so far to replace Pauline Marois, who announced her resignation on the night of the April 7 election when the party lost to the Liberals.

Among the possible candidates are former cabinet ministers Jean-Francois Lisee and Bernard Drainville as well as ex-media tycoon Pierre Karl Peladeau.

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