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Police standoff with armed man ends peacefully in Saskatoon after 13 hours

SASKATOON - A standoff between police and an armed man in Saskatoon has ended peacefully.

It started about 4 a.m. Tuesday when police were called to a home in the 100 block of Avenue O South following reports of a man firing a gun and threatening to harm himself.

When police arrived, a 20-year-old man barricaded himself in the basement of the house with a gun.

Thirteen hours later, police negotiators finally talked the man out of the house and put him in handcuffs.

Gunshots echoed through the neighbourhood throughout the day as police tried to control the situation.

Tyler Stewart of Stewart Properties manages the property and says the man involved has a history of mental illness.

“We knew right away it was a fellow who doesn’t rent there, but he is the son of the lady who rents there and because of his history with mental illness, we thought he was hospitalized, but I guess he got out,” Stewart said.


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