08/13/2014 05:40 EDT | Updated 08/13/2014 06:59 EDT

Name A 'Zelda' Character After Robin Williams: Petition (VIDEO)

Actor. Comedian. Gamer.

Robin Williams was all of these things, and now a petition is calling on Nintendo to name a non-playing character in the next "Legend of Zelda" game after the beloved performer, who took his own life on Aug. 11.

"It was a series he loved, and it's a small tribute to a great man," reads the petition that was started by Nick Schaedel from Adelaide, Australia.

So far, the petition has garnered more than 37,000 signatures

Williams's love for the video game ran deep. Back in 2011, he starred in a commercial for the game "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D" in which he talked about how much he enjoyed the original game for the eight-bit Nintendo system.

He also explained how his own daughter received her name. And no, it wasn't inspired by F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife.

"It's Zelda, for the Legend of Zelda," Williams says in the ad.

The two also starred in numerous other ads for Nintendo. This one was particularly touching:

Meanwhile, Blizzard Entertainment, maker of "World of Warcraft," has announced plans to feature the actor in the game after a separate petition urged it to do so.

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