08/15/2014 03:11 EDT | Updated 10/15/2014 05:59 EDT

Police arrest men offering fake prize to rob home

Two of the three men who posed as car dealership representatives bearing prizes and then robbed a man's home are now in police custody, the Toronto Police announced on Friday.

The brutal home invasion robbery happened on March 4 in the area of Jane Street and Grandravine Drive.

Police say the victim received a phone call alerting him that he had just won a prize package that included a gift card, car detailing package, and an umbrella from a local car dealership. He was told the prize package would be delivered to his home.

Then a man wearing a mechanic's coverall uniform, bearing the car dealership logo and clipboard, arrived at his door.

As he opened the door, the victim was punched in the face and the suspect attempted to force his way into the home.

The victim tried to close the door but the suspect was joined by two other men, who were wearing disguises. They forced their way in, bound with victim with plastic zip ties and had his eyes and mouth covered with duct tape.

Police say he was kicked and struck about the head and body repeatedly with a baton.

The three men ransacked the house, took a number of items, then fled. The victim was able to get outside the house where he screamed for help and police were called.

Two men were arrested this week, laying five charges each. A warrant is being sought for the third man in the robbery.