08/16/2014 12:36 EDT

Man Live Tweets His Vasectomy, Takes TMI To Whole New Level

It's 2014 and nothing is private – not even a man's vasectomy, apparently.

Matt Soper, a radio announcer with Victoria's Jack FM, walked into his doctor's office on Friday armed with crowdsourced one-liners and recorded every ripple of emotion that unfolded during the short procedure.

Here's how it all started:

He did tell the doctor. His response? "That's kind of you."

But not everyone was amused with what was happening.

The vasectomy small talk continued.

"Oh, ah! That needle did not feel good," Soper said.

Soper continued to crack jokes throughout the procedure. He even came up with a new slogan for the good doctor to use for his practice: "We'll make you a Sunkist, all juice, no seeds," he quipped.

Turns out, a vasectomy can really make you sweat.

He wasn't given a lollipop at the end, but Soper did manage to get a selfie.

At home, he was given a cool gift.

Which he put straight to use.

Um, maybe next time.

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