08/18/2014 07:13 EDT | Updated 10/18/2014 05:59 EDT

Saskatoon to crack down on drivers who allow dogs to roam in back of pickups

SASKATOON - The City of Saskatoon is looking at fining drivers who allow dogs to freely roam in the back of pickup trucks.

On Monday a city council committee voted to instruct staff to draft amendments to the animal control bylaw.

If the draft is approved, drivers could face a fine of $100 for a first offence and $200 for a second offence.

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association recommends that all pets be protected during transport by the use of crates or with tethering devices such as seatbelts

Dr. Terri Chotowitz with the Cumberland Veterinary Clinic in Saskatoon said she’s pleased to see the city following British Columbia in enacting such a bylaw.

She said a crate is the best option, adding tethering a pet by its collar is trickier.

“A 50-pound pet, when travelling at speeds of 50 km/h has the weight of approximately one tonne,” she said.

“To expect our dogs to have the judgment not to go running from the back to the front because there’s another dog in a vehicle – we have to be the ones to say they should be in a crate.”

The draft amendment is expected to come back to city council next month. (CKOM)