08/19/2014 02:02 EDT | Updated 08/21/2014 09:59 EDT

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fails Were Inevitable (VIDEO)

The aim of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is to raise awareness of a debilitating disease that gradually robs patients of their ability to walk, talk and swallow.

To that end, people have been making videos of themselves dumping icy water over their heads and challenging others to do the same; the idea being that, if you don't donate money to help cure the disease, you have to take a cold shower.

The campaign has certainly been effective: as of last week, it had raised $5.5 million for the ALS Association since July 29.

But along the way, participants have appeared to either not take it seriously, or have run into pratfalls in the course of making their videos.

Their hearts might be in the right place. Their minds are somewhere else entirely.

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