08/19/2014 06:02 EDT | Updated 08/20/2014 02:59 EDT

Apple Ad Made In Edmonton Wins Emmy Award (VIDEO)

A touching Apple ad that was shot in Edmonton and aired last Christmas has been honoured with a Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial.

Titled "Misunderstood," it shows a large family celebrating the holidays while a seemingly disinterested teenage boy rarely turns away from his smartphone.

Then on Christmas morning, the young man turns on a TV and shows a family video that he apparently shot and edited on the device. Members cry and hug him in what makes for a heartwarming conclusion.

Calgary actor Chris Ippolito and several members of his family played themselves in the ad, though the young man was played by a performer from New York, CTV News reported.

"'Take Your Kids to Work Day?' Well, this was 'Take Everybody in Your Family to Work Day,'" he told the network.

Ippolito's family simply acted naturally while on set, only learning that it was for an Apple commercial when they arrived in Edmonton, CBC News reported.

The ad, which was directed by Lance Acord, director of photography for the film "Lost in Translation," faced competition from companies including Nike, Budweiser and General Electric, said Global News.

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