08/19/2014 10:30 EDT | Updated 08/19/2014 10:59 EDT

U.S. Pizza Chain To Launch Marijuana-Laced Sauces

Jeffrey Coolidge via Getty Images

It may sound half-baked but a pizza chain is developing a line of pizza sauces made with cannabis for states in the US where weed is legal for medical or recreational use.

Unique Pizza and Subs based out of Pennsylvania is adding more to its pizza sauce than just oregano and thyme, as the company is currently working with “marijuana infusion chefs” for a new cannabis-infused sauce.

In addition to enriched sauces, the company is looking to develop a line of frozen cannabis-laced pizzas that would be distributed in states like Colorado and Washington, where the recreational use of pot is legal, and California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Nevada, where marijuana is legal for medical use.

If the plan goes through, the Pennsylvania-based chain would join a Vancouver pizzeria in serving up cannabis-flavored pizzas. At Mega iLL restaurant, customers with prescriptions for medical marijuana can tuck into pies that are drizzled with a marijuana-infused oil.

And in Colorado, Hapa Sushi has capitalized on the legalization of marijuana for recreational use with the introduction of a pot and food pairing meal that offers weed recommendations with restaurant dishes.

For instance, the honey miso salmon is said to pair best with Sour OG. But if you’re going to tuck into the Katsu Curry, a chicken cutlet with curry sauce, best take a puff of Blue Dream, the restaurant suggests.

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