08/20/2014 06:58 EDT | Updated 08/20/2014 07:59 EDT

15-Year-Old Wins $80,000 Scholarship To UBC

A 15-year-old student has been awarded an $80,000 scholarship to attend the University of British Columbia.

Cheng Xie is the youngest of 40 Canadian students to win the Schulich Leader scholarship given for science, technology, engineering, or math studies.

The young student — who completed high school in two years in UBC's University Transition Program — enrolled in courses adding up to 36 credits, even though 30 is the standard, reported The Province. Why? He had trouble picking which ones he wanted most.

Despite all of his early success, Xie remains humble.

Smart is a very subjective term," he told Global News. "Smart is different for each person. I think everyone is smart in some way."

Xie was born in Trier, a small town in Germany, according to The Ubyssey. He moved around and settled in Canada in 2012, said Global News.

"A lot of people are caught in a trap where they can’t find what they want to do early enough and I've had the great opportunity to have the support of my community and parents to pursue what I love to do," he told the outlet.

Xie will be pursuing an applied sciences in engineering undergraduate degree at UBC.


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