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7 Real Questions That Americans Have About Canada (PHOTOS)

Canada and the United States don't seem so different upon first glance.

But an American on a six-week trip to Canada recently posted a series of observations on Reddit about what's different in the Great White North. Here are things our neighbours might notice when they visit the land of maple syrup and Tim Hortons that we don't stop to think about:

If you have a prime minister, who is the president in President's Choice?

presidents choice toronto

There isn't one, technically. But Loblaws executive Dave Nichol created the line of products in the 1980s and became the face of the brand in TV ads. It's even his handwriting on the label.

How come American chains put a maple leaf on their signs in Canada?

mcdonalds sign canada

Pretty simply, to help them fit in north of the border. The Canadian arms of big U.S. companies (Wendy's, McDonald's, Walmart, Arby's — the list goes on) tend to add a maple leaf to their logo or add "Canada" to the end of their name. As far as we can tell, Canada is the only country in the world with its own custom Golden Arches.

Why is craft beer so hard to find?

In several provinces, one word can answer this question: monopoly. While Americans may be overwhelmed by choice in the beer aisle at their grocery store, Canadian craft brewers face more restrictions on where they can sell.

Why, oh, WHY can't we have Kinder Surprise in the United States?

The delightful chocolate eggs have been prohibited in the United States since the early 1970s due to a ban on candies with toys embedded inside them. Though a New Jersey company seems to have found a way around it, according to Gawker.

Why are you so nice up here?

Shucks, I guess it was just how we were brought up. We hope you always think we're nice, but we worry we're slipping.

Why so many bubbles in your chocolate?

aero chocolate

That's simply what sets Aero apart. It isn't widely sold in the U.S. but you can always try Hershey's Air Delight.

Why so many dollar stores?

dollar store toronto

Canadians really love their Dollarama. The chain of stores is growing (more than 800 locations) and has seen its profits jump as much as 20 per cent recently.

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