Ottawa Parkdale Food Centre Says No To Food Like KD, Gets Criticized Online

Sometimes you just need something out of a box.  Kraft Mac&Cheese Deluxe.  (I'm so going to hell)
Sometimes you just need something out of a box. Kraft Mac&Cheese Deluxe. (I'm so going to hell)

An Ottawa food bank that has been sending back food donations considered unhealthy is now being criticized for rejecting food in the first place.

Featured in a CTV News Ottawa segment, the Parkdale Food Centre had been rejecting donations of Kraft Dinner, hot dogs and sugary snacks like Dunkaroos because they are not considered nutritious foods.

“Dunkaroos, I wouldn't give that out,” coordinator Karen Secord said in the news segment. “It is sending the message out to people that you are not worth it, that your health isn't worth as much as my health is worth."

Secord adds her clients should be eating nutritious foods on a daily basis, and some food bank users said they would rather have access to eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt as opposed to sugary and salty snacks.

Although Secord's efforts are appreciated by the clients interviewed (who are now also learning how to cook their meals at the food bank), Facebook users on the food bank's page don't all agree. Some call out the food bank for being too picky, while other users, like Donna Kroll said, "Guess where I won't be donating again. Ill [sic] donate somewhere that will appreciate it. Sorry to the hungry folk who have to go with nothing instead of something."

On Reddit, people have noted that those complaining about the food bank's rules probably don't use the food bank themselves. Their solution? Just donate money, given that Secord is already doing the job of teaching her clients how to eat well on a budget and providing some healthier foods.

To make things a lot easier for people who are willing to donate, the Parkdale Food Centre, as well as many other food banks across the country, often have a list of preferred foods and products they need at their specific locations.

What do you think? Should the food bank be allowed to say no to junk? Let us know in the comments below:

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