$77 'Best Picture Shake' From Hollywood Cone Is A Marquee Item (TWEETS)

Talk about a milkshake that could bring the big spenders to the yard!

Oshawa-based mobile ice creamery Hollywood Cone has rolled out the "Best Picture Shake," a $77 drink that is sure to become a marquee item on its menu.

The drink had been in development since at least late July, as Hollywood Cone tested chocolate from countries such as Tuscany, France and Venezuela, according to a Facebook post.

"We wanted to create one of the world's finest chocolate shakes, so we began to source the world's best chocolate for this shake and it quickly led us to Amedei and Pacari," part-owner Joe Kelsey told Zagat.

The shake is made by melting down a quarter of an Amedei bar (known as one of the world's most expensive chocolate bars), which is shaped to look like an Oscar statue and covered in gold that can be eaten.

An entire Amedei Porcelana bar is then melted down to make the shake. Hollywood Cone also uses Amedei Cream Toscana, a rich spread, that trickles down the sides of the cup.

A "Best Picture Shake" takes about 30 to 40 minutes to put together and must be ordered at least two days ahead of time, Kelsey told Toronto Life.

However, this is far from the most expensive treat we've seen around in the Greater Toronto Area. Le Dolci Cupcakes and Cakes recently made a $900 cupcake, so the shake's price shouldn't surprise us.


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