08/21/2014 03:40 EDT | Updated 08/21/2014 03:59 EDT

Monaco's Tour Odeon Tower To Boast The Most Expensive Penthouse In The World

Looking to buy a five-floor penthouse in Monaco with a commanding view of the Mediterranean, a massive infinity pool, dance floor, private chauffeur and a water slide snaking its way down from the dance floor?

Cool. Same here.

The Tour Odeon isn't finished yet, but the 35,000-square foot penthouse crowning the seaside principality's first new skyscraper in decades, is about to hit the market at a price of around $440 million — hailed as the highest ever for a penthouse.

Locals, of course, may not be so fazed by the sticker price. After all, as Bloomberg News reports, somewhere around one in three Monaco residents are millionaires.

Monaco-based architect Alexandre Giraldi designed the Odeon, inspired by early 20th century Paris — while boasting 259 units for sale, along with 73 private luxury residences, Gizmodo reports.

So far, 26 flats have been sold. If you're planning on making a bid for the penthouse, the line, obviously, starts here.

Check our all the lavish lavishness at the developer's website. . And flip through some images of the planned paradise below.

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