08/22/2014 04:42 EDT | Updated 10/22/2014 05:59 EDT

TTC streetcars: Don't forget your transfer

TTC fare inspectors are becoming a more familiar face for passengers taking the Queen Street streetcars lately.

The fare inspectors are on board to ensure commuters understand the TTC's proof of payment policy before the city's new streetcars — with all-door boarding — take over the 510 Spadina routes on Aug. 31.

"We want to make sure that we're doing that education and information piece well before we start enforcement," said TTC spokesman Brad Ross.

Despite the 501 Queen streetcars always having a proof of payment policy in place, Ross said enforcement has been sporadic in the past. Since that won't be the case anymore once the new streetcars arrive, fare inspectors are now running "an information education campaign," Ross said.

A commuter needs proof of payment regardless of which doors they boarded through, he said.

Proof of payment can be:

- A transfer.

- A metropass.

- A TTC pass, like a day pass or week pass.

Ross recognizes this "will be something new" for many TTC commuters and said fare inspectors won't start enforcing the policy just yet.

Fines for failing to provide proof of purchase start at $175.

Fare inspectors will be inspecting commuter fares next week on the Queen Street and Spadina Avenue streetcars.