08/25/2014 09:08 EDT | Updated 08/26/2014 02:59 EDT

Bryan Cranston And Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Emmy Kiss Steals The Show

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won an Emmy for her role in Veep at Monday night's Emmy awards but it was her post-win kiss with actor Bryan Cranston that stole the show.

cranston dreyfuss kiss

The kiss definitely got the attention of viewers at home and more than one celebrity.

We have to admit, the lip lock was pretty magnificent. Let's take another look at it.

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And of course, Cranston, caps it off with this hilariously creepy lip trace.

GIF: Bryan Cranston's post-kiss lip trace is magnificent on Twitpic

The pair had just presented an Emmy a few minutes before and Louis-Drefyus made a joke about Cranston appearance in a Seinfeld episode and his Clark Gable like moustache.

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