08/26/2014 01:02 EDT | Updated 08/26/2014 01:59 EDT

Emmys 2014: The Moments You Missed


Award shows aren't for everyone. Sometimes, too many commercials and boring 'filler' segments can make them a bit of a chore to watch. Other times, they take place the night after a bootylicious, Beyonce-filled extravaganza like the MTV VMAs... that night after also being a Monday.

So if you didn't get around to watching the 66th Emmy Awards, you're forgiven. Here's a collection of all the awesome stuff you missed, from Sarah Silverman's amazing acceptance speech to Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus sharing a rather passionate kiss.

That time Sarah Silverman displayed her marijuana vaporizer to the entire world.

JLD cracked us up.

He also admitted that Netflix was king.

Actually, Beyonce was at the Emmys!

Ricky Gervais has a fierce "TV face."

Paging Clark Gable. Yow.

There was only one bathroom key.

Just in case it's not old enough for you yet, "alright, alright, alright" was trotted out again.

We love Jessica Lange.

George R.R. Martin is awesome.

Joffrey (of sorts) and Cersei were reunited.

Sarah Silverman reminded us why she's the best.

Bryan Cranston deservedly wins Best Actor, and is still so f**king charming.

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