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iJustine Takes You Behind The Scenes With The Latest Movie Tech (VIDEO)

Over the last few years we've watched drones bomb civilians, carry out surveillance on behalf of governments and annoy the next door neighbour in your condo building.

Needless to say, drones have had something of a bad rap lately. But it's not all awful news when it comes to these unmanned hovering pieces of tech. As Justine Ezarik points out, sometimes these whirling wonders can be used for less nefarious means, like making movie magic.

Now, unless your planning on directing the next "Lord of The Rings" trilogy (or have $1,300 to spare), you probably won't need any of the serious rigs showcased in the video above. Good news is that in the last two years, more affordable models of camera drones have emerged, perfect for the amateur videographer looking to add a new spin to their films.

And hey, if these drones don't land you an Oscar nomination, at least they make decent Timbit delivery machines.

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