08/26/2014 05:11 EDT | Updated 10/26/2014 05:59 EDT

Natasha Farah Had Promising Career Say Friends, Colleagues

Friends, colleagues and former teachers are remembering Natasha Farah as a focused young woman who had a promising career in public relations.  

The 26-year-old bystander was shot to death early Saturday morning outside a restaurant in downtown Calgary. She had moved to Calgary from Toronto less than a year ago to begin her career. 

Jennifer Leonard was one of her instructors at Humber College in Toronto. She says the faculty is remembering a talented, young, recent graduate of their program. 

"We're very saddened by that because here was this young woman who was starting her PR career and had a promising career," she said.

"Wrong place, wrong time, and we're all really thinking of her family and friends at this time," said Leonard.

Danielle Iverson remembers Natasha Farah from her time as an intern at her Toronto PR agency..

"She was a great girl, honest and just would tell it how it was," said Iverson.

Tova Wallace studied with Natasha Farah at Humber College and says Farah had her sights set on a job in the fashion industry.

"She was always very positive about the future and she just had a lot of big ideas and big dreams," she said.

"She was such a person who was so focused that I have no doubt she would have made all of those happen," added Wallace.

Police release three men

Calgary police had detained and questioned four men in the investigation and have released three of them. 

The man still being held is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for attempted murder.

Police are still asking for anyone with photos or video of the shooting to come forward.