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37 Signs You Went To UBC

Buchanan. Gage. Mahony's. Wreck Beach.

If you know what we're talking about, you probably went to UBC. And those are just a few things that make that big, beautiful campus on Vancouver's west side so memorable.

Whether you're heading back to school this September or graduated years ago, revel in your UBC days with these 37 signs that you went there:

You think it's normal to drive 10 minutes through a rainforest to get to campus.

Catching the 99 B-Line was like rush hour in Japan.

Construction ruled everything around you. Donors' dolla' dolla' bills, y'all.

ubc construction

Credit: Flickr user tyfn.

You dodged those gross wormy things that hung off the trees every fall.


blue chip cookies

blue chip cookies

Credit: Yelp user Crystal H.

When you see a VW Beetle hanging from a bridge, you just shrug.

(*This is not an actual Beetle that was hung from a bridge.)

vw beetle

You couldn't find a place to study here.

chapman learning commons

Credit: Flickr user UBC Library Communications

So you read (or slept) here instead.

ubc bzzr

You also napped in the Rose Garden ...

ubc rose garden

... Parkade.

If you're Asian, you ran a gauntlet of clubs trying to recruit you EVERY YEAR!

And if you're a guy, you ran a gauntlet of frat boys trying to "rush" you.

This was the only varsity team you ever made.

Beer was spelled like this, and you didn't really know why.

bzzr garden

You recognize this guy.

And this awesome guy.

rey arandia

Three words: Storm the Wall.

Three more words: Arts. County. Fair.

arts county fair ubc

Credit: Flickr user Heeeraldo

You saw cheap movies at the Norm Theatre.

norm theatre ubc

Credit: Flickr user kardboard604.

AMS politicians were as ruthless as on "House of Cards."

And this is where their ambitions went to die.

brock hall

Totem residents can tell you what "suck my Kwak" means.

totem park

You stick your nose up at SFU, that ugly school on the hill.

simon fraser university

You're contemptuous of every cinnamon bun you've tasted since you left campus.

ubc bun

Sgt. Pepper was not a Beatle.

There was only one Honour Roll you cared about.

honour roll

The line at The Delly looked like this at 4 p.m. on a Friday.

You dated someone you met at "The Pit."

the pit ubc

Credit: Flickr user sreymer

And this was where you realized your naked, drunken ambitions late on a Wednesday night.

A walk up the Wreck Beach stairs was a week's worth of cardio.

ubc wreck beach stairs

Credit: Flickr user Hiestun.Photography

And Tower Beach was a great place for a bonfire.

tower beach ubc

If you studied arts, you know what this means.

buchanan pin

This was one way you learned about the creation of humankind.

raven and the first men

Credit: Flickr user Ray Clenshaw.

Your prof had office hours in this welcoming structure.

ubc buchanan tower

These were vehicles parked on campus. NBD.

No matter how stressful things were, you always had this view to calm you down.

ubc vancouver

And when you look back, it's hard to believe you went to school in such a beautiful place.


Tuum est!


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