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'Amazing Race Canada' Season 2, Episode 8 Recap: Love And Loss In Paris


WARNING: Spoiler Alert! Do not read on unless you've seen "Amazing Race Canada" Season 2, Episode 8. Unless you like spoilers, then go right ahead!

Note to all future racers: don't "[blow] up" Quebec.

It's "À bientôt" for twins Pierre and Michel, whose overly aggressive strategy came to bite them on the derriere in Paris. The butchers from Terrebonne, Que. opted to U-Turn fellow Quebecers Alain and Audrey, even after they agreed to an admittedly shaky (and possibly fake) alliance with the couple. However, the two faced their comeuppance at a brutal abstract art Roadblock, which took Michel over seven hours to complete.

"We love Quebec, but we came here to win," said Pierre, after agreeing to the phony truce earlier in the episode.

Hours later, when the brothers arrived at the Roadblock, joining the unstoppable Olympians Meaghan and Natalie, they boasted about their U-Turn choice and betrayal.

"Pierre is quoting 'The Godfather' about how he U-Turned Alain and Audrey," said Meaghan, in disbelief.

"Quebec is blowing up!" said Natalie.

Sadly, the twins ended up putting a hit on themselves, and would not get their chance to stand at the podium — despite their constant use of misdirection to keep the other teams off their tail.

Tensions amongst the racers were brought to light in an episode cluttered with product placement that not only included several shameless Scotiabank Gold American Express Card mentions, but also a Mentos-themed task. Fearing revenge, or envy, the hockey players started the day defensively.

"Having won five of the last seven legs, it puts a target on our backs," said Natalie, referring to the first clue of the episode, which warned of a Double U-Turn ahead. Meanwhile, bartenders Ryan and Rob were seeking redemption after nearly getting the boot in last week's non-elimination.

From Normandy, the teams travelled to Paris' Arc de Triomphe by train, and subsequently, the local landmark, Place du Canada. Synergy! Here, the pairs were hit with a Detour choice: Haute Couture (attending a couturier school and pinning fabric to a dress form) or Plat du Jour (navigating through cobblestone roads to find three cafes with chalkboards, then purchasing and memorizing a specific food order). Though most chose Plat du Jour originally and finished quickly, Alain and Audrey switched to complete Haute Couture. Who knows why? Perhaps they were inspired by the shot of Jon Montgomery's Tim Gunn-inspired ensemble. If you're curious, he made it work.

The dating twosome's glee at completing the Detour did not last long when they met their U-Turn fate, which forced them to turn around and complete the opposite Detour before moving on.

"No class," said Alain, referring to Pierre and Michel's reneging of their deal. Ryan and Rob, who were sent back by Sukhi and Jinder, had to finish not only the other Detour, but their Speed Bump too.

"I wish I was pinning this to Sukhi's skin," said Ryan, as he gritted his teeth while constructing "Haute Couture."

Except Sukhi's reign of terror for this leg started as soon as the siblings landed in Paris:

Slam a taxi door into a parking meter? Check.

Orally referring to her mnemonic means of memorizing a word as commonplace as charcuterie? Check.

Lying to Ryan and Rob's faces, and forcing brother Jinder to turn around when they asked for navigation help at the Plat du Jour Detour? Check.

Saying, "You're last, you know that right?" to the bartenders when they arrive at the Roadblock after completing two Detours, and a Speed Bump, and then following that up with a begrudging apology? Check check check.

Following the Detour, each duo visited the "Who loves [candy]?" Roadblock, where one racer was responsible for reproducing a work of pop art using multicoloured Mentos as their medium. Of course, because how else do you "refresh these pieces"? Groan.

Nearly 100 minutes later, Natalie completed the challenge first after realizing she was confusing the yellow and orange pieces. Michel, who arrived at the challenge in second place, was struggling early. As other teams caught up to him and faced similar frustration, they were able to step back from the art piece and find their mistakes. Michel never asked for assistance, while the other teammates moved forward to the mat.

Finally finishing after the struggling Ryan and Rob, Pierre greeted Michel with a warm embrace, and touching hug, which is a sentiment they shared in a post-elimination interview.

"When you have twins, anything can happen, but you cannot be alone."

How sweet.

With togetherness in mind, and the Love Lock Bridge as their backdrop, Alain celebrated his fourth-place finish by proposing to Audrey. Accepting in both English and French, Audrey pointed out, "Our names are going to change [from 'Dating' to 'Engaged'], we're engaged now!"

Naturally, the team identifier changed immediately.

Up next -- the teams will transfer their knowledge of French culture back to Canadian soil and compete in Montreal.

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