08/27/2014 11:15 EDT | Updated 10/27/2014 05:59 EDT

Arbutus Corridor: CP Rail says herbicide spaying to start

CP Rail has sent a letter to residents saying it will start spraying herbicide and begin work to repair tracks and crossing along the Arbutus railway corridor on the west side of Vancouver.

The work is the latest step in the railway company's efforts to clear the derelict line, with the aim of resuming train usage by the fall.

The railway started the work when negotiations with the City of Vancouver to sell the land reached a standstill, after the city rezoned the land to restrict any future commercial or residential development.

"This work is to continue throughout the August and September. Our goal is to have the entire line ready for train operations in the fall," said CP director Mike LoVecchio in the letter.

The published list of herbicides that might be used include:

- Aminopyralid.

- Flumioxazin.

- 2,4-D.

- Glyphosate

- Bromacil

- Imazapyr

- Chlorsulfuron

- Metsulfuron-methyl

- Clopyralid

- Picloram

- Dicamba

- Diuron

- Dichlorprop

- Triclopyr

- Siloxylated polyether (spray adjuvant)