08/27/2014 02:38 EDT | Updated 08/27/2014 02:59 EDT

White Fashions You Can Wear After Labour Day (PHOTOS)

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Labour Day is just around the corner but, contrary to what fashion lore tells us, we're still allowed to wear white well into fall. (It's your style, so go forth and rock it!)

The key to wearing the summery hue however, lies in two things: fabric and colour. During the summer, linen and other thin materials are great because they let the breeze cool you down. During the cooler months, you're going to want to rock outfits that are made of stronger and sturdier stuff. Think of whites that come in lace, denim and wool.

Colour is also important when thinking about sporting white during autumn. In the summer, hues such as stark white and ivory are perfect because they complement all those summer tans but during the fall and winter, they're too bright. Try sticking with off-white colours such as cream, beige, old lace, champagne and vanilla.

Even if you're a fan of a bright, snowy white, it's easy to pair say, white jeans with a burgundy sweater and heels. The options are endless!

Check out our favourite white pieces for fall below:

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