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Fruit Snacks: 25 Popular Kids' Treats Ranked By Sugar Content

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Kids love the idea of cartoon characters transformed into colourful gummy treats or eating fruit strips that remind them of candy, but the questions is, is it any good for them?

Fruit snacks are convenient, sweet and really can trick parents into thinking they're giving their kids a full serving of fruits or veggies. When you're shopping for snacks, look out for sugar content, types of fat and the ingredients list. In fruit snacks, you may see common ingredients like corn syrup, corn starch and carnauba wax (a coating made from palm tree leaves that gives fruit snacks their glossy shine) — ingredients that don't have any nutritional value.

"When you're giving your kids a fruit snack, don't think you're giving them anything healthy," says dietitian and Huffington Post Canada blogger Abby Langer. "Most of them don't have any nutritional value and they're just like candy."

If you are worried about the amount of sugar your kids are eating, try making your own fruit snacks. This fruit snack recipe from An Organic Wife includes strawberries, honey, gelatin and lemon juice (yes, just four ingredients!)

We take a look at 25 popular fruit snacks, fruit strips and fruit cups (you know, the stuff your child grabs from grocery store aisles) and ranked them by sugar content. We also included the health claims you may see on the box that can fool you into thinking you're buying something nutritious.

And in case you missed it, we also rounded up 22 healthy and unhealthy granola bars for back to school.

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