08/28/2014 06:22 EDT | Updated 08/28/2014 06:59 EDT

Surfing In Calgary, Brought To You By The 2013 Flood (VIDEO, TWEETS)

Calgarians didn't have to travel thousands of kilometres to sunny resorts to ride the waves this summer.

Instead, surfing came right to them, courtesy of the 2013 flood.

Surfing is nothing new in Alberta but last year's flood helped create a permanent wave in Calgary's Bow River that is bringing several people out to test the waters, CBC News reported.

"A surfer's dream is to get up and surf, go about your day and come back to surf — and that's what I'm doing," Alberta River Surfing Association (ARSA) president Neil Egsgard told the network.

The history of river surfing has been traced back to Munich, Germany in the 1970s, before coming to Alberta in the 2000s, The Calgary Journal reported.

At that time, Jeff Brooks, an ARSA co-founder, learned that you could surf waves in any river with fast flows.

He soon found a two-foot wave beneath the 10th Street bridge in Calgary and discovered that the sport was possible in the province.

Various pictures posted on social media in July and August show people hopping on their boards and riding fast-moving waters in the city.

ARSA has an online guide to places where people can ride waves throughout Alberta.

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