08/29/2014 03:46 EDT | Updated 08/29/2014 03:59 EDT

'Mom Confessions' Is The Funniest Ad Campaign We've Seen In A While

Zave Smith via Getty Images

The "honest parenting" trend may be prompting moms and dads to pour their hearts out in their Facebook statuses, but none other than a massive technology company has figured out how to use that to everyone's advantage.

With their "Mom Confessions" campaign, LG has put together a Tumblr of some of the most genuinely hilarious admissions we have ever seen with regards to children.

Created in honour of Mother's Day, LG has kept the ball rolling with submissions from moms (and dads) from all over, and as back to school approaches, these heartfelt status updates ring even more true.

So feast your eyes on these beauties and laugh all the way to the bathroom (which is obviously where you're going to get five minutes alone to read this).