08/29/2014 12:21 EDT | Updated 08/29/2014 12:59 EDT

Calgary Dad Uses Vacuum To Scare Off Coyote

A quick-thinking Calgary dad used a clever trick to scare off a brazen coyote who entered his home uninvited.

David Easthorpe told CTV News the animal bolted into his house Tuesday night.

He spotted the animal pacing on the back patio, and when he opened the screen door to close the main door, the coyote ran past him into the house.

Knowing coyotes prey on small victims, he immediately put his nine-month-old baby and cat in the bathroom, before looking around for a means of protection.

"He grabbed our Dyson vacuum, turned it on with the knowledge knowing that dogs and animals don't like the sound of the vacuum, and he chased it out the door," Meaghan Easthope, David's wife, told CBC Calgary.

According to Global News, police were called in to ensure the coyote had left the area of the condo complex.

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