09/02/2014 05:11 EDT | Updated 09/02/2014 05:59 EDT

A Video Guide On How To Rescue A 'BucketBear'

Oh bother.

The old honey-pot-stuck-on-the-head shtick might have worked for Winnie the Pooh but it seems unless you're a bear of the cartoon variety, a bucket on the head is a lot less fun than it looks.

A black bear found itself in way over its head after a bucket ensnared itself over the bruin's face, leaving it to wander around Clarion County, Pa., blindly for two months the Weather Network reports.

Local residents spotted the bear back in July, but the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the state agency responsible for wildlife in the area, said it couldn't do anything so long as the bear was healthy and mobile, according the Daily Mail.

Locals even started a "Save The Bucketbear" Facebook group in hopes of drawing enough attention to the creature's plight. On Monday, a group of friends decided to track down the bear to free it from what they suspected as an automobile's air bag. The group told CBS News that bear had managed to chew an opening through the bag so it could breath.

The group searched for two hours before spotting the "Bucketbear" near the highway. What happened next involved wrestling, a 20-minute chase and cell phone footage you can watch above.


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