09/02/2014 01:49 EDT | Updated 11/02/2014 05:59 EST

Peter Stursberg, former CBC correspondent, dead at 101

Peter Stursberg, CBC Radio's correspondent during the Second World War, has died at age 101, his son Richard Stursberg said today. 

Peter Stursberg saw first-hand the liberation of Holland from Nazi occupation, and was one of the last reporters in Adolf Hitler's bunker.

Stursberg began his war coverage in Sicily in 1943, as allied troops began to invade. He was the first correspondent to cover the Canadian troops in action.  

"People remember my voice, and the voice of Matt Halton and others who covered the war," Stursberg said of his reporting. "It made them feel like they were much closer to events than reading about it in the newspaper."

Stursberg turned 101 on Sunday.

Last year, Stursberg met his great-grandchildren for the first time at his 100th birthday party in Vancouver, where he lived.

Stursberg's son, Richard, was head of CBC's English services from 2004-2010.