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Blynk, Tinder-Like Fashion App, Can Help You Find The Right Fit


Dressing is a lot like dating: you can go through tons of prospects before you find the right fit.

And just as single people have Tinder, there's an app to help you narrow down your options when it comes to fashion.

Blynk, a Toronto-based startup, was launched over the summer. Like Tinder, users swipe images of models left and right to help them narrow down their styles.

The app recommends outfits after 20 swipes, with links to places where you can buy them.

But that's not all. After a user has seen 100 pictures, the app has a good idea of their style and can recommend outfits based, in part, on other people's tastes, The Globe and Mail reported.

Co-founders Jaclyn Ling and Shums Kassam came up with the idea for the app after they shopped together, Global News reported.

Ling, who had a background in fashion, advised Kassam on his choices and he soon learned how helpful it was to have someone who knew a thing or two about how to dress.

"Why can't we make some sort of global device that will ask that fashionable friend in your pocket," Kassam told the network.

The app makes money when users click on certain items, though the founders hope to evolve their business model, Global said.

They obtained $95,000 in seed funding for the app through The Next 36, an entrepreneurial program that pairs undergraduate students with business leaders, in an effort to obtain cash from venture capitalists.

Susie Pan, the company's CMO, also acquired $100,000 in a pitching contest at the International Startup Festival in Montreal, BetaKit reported.

This is hardly the only app to borrow Tinder's simple interface for uses other than dating.

TechCrunch reported that Estately has launched Flip, a Tinder-like feature that allows users to swipe through homes.

Tinder has itself permitted the creation of dog profiles to help match people up with rescue dogs.

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