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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Reportedly Paid $5M For Wedding Photos!

They were the wedding photos seen around the world and they came with a hefty price tag!

According to Radar Online, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt got paid $5M (yep, that's five whole million dollars) by People and Hello! magazines for the exclusive photo rights to their nuptials. (That money could buy a lot of crumbling French chateaux right there.)

Each magazine paid $2.5M each for a selection of the wedding pics, with Hello! getting international rights to the stunning photos.

The couple will reportedly donate the money to charity, although it's not yet known which organization(s) will benefit from the generous donation.

This isn't the first time Brangelina has published their private photos for the greater good. The Hollywood twosome were reportedly paid $14M by People and Hello! for the exclusive rights for photos of their newborn twins, Vivienne and Knox, in 2008, with the money going to a foundation created by the couple.

The Brange also sold the rights to the photos of their daughter Shiloh to Getty Images in exchange for a donation to charity in 2005. People reportedly paid $4M for the U.S. rights.

Judging by the beautiful photos of Angie's wedding dress, her happy family and that kiss, we think it's money well spent!

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